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Valley Oaks Ladies 9 Hole Golf League


May will be the month we start our group clinic!!

Tuesdays throughout the month!

1st time slot is 5:45-6:30 & the  2nd time slot is 6:45-7:30.

I will limit to 12 people per session.

Cost is $45 for the month or $15 per session.

Any questions, please let me know & I will do my best to answer.

Let's have a great 2021!



Lesson 1

Iron Shots--Learn full swing mechanics using your 7,8,9 irons & PW.

Woods/Hybrids--Learn how to hit the ball further, straighter & more consistently both off the tee or in the fairway.

Lesson 2

Chipping--Learn how to improve your consistency & get the ball closer to the hole through proper tech nigh and club selection.

Lesson 3

Putting--Learn how to read greens & a system of putting that will help you make more putts.

Lesson 4

Course Management--Learn to play fast & score better!

2021 Weekly Game Schedule below:


· We want ladies to try to play on Wednesday; therefore you have the freedom to play the back or front nine pending which side that week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are hard to come out and play the side you need as men’s league is going on. But club house will make adjustments for Wednesday for you.


· It is hard to just say all ladies play Wednesday as we want as many as we can play in the league and schedules do not work for all on Wednesdays.


· We hope everyone has fun out on the course this season and enjoys playing these league rounds!


· And remember…in this league, the most important thing is “forming friendships” by having fun!


Lets have a great season of Golf at Valley Oaks! It was a blast last year and hoping for even more fun this year!

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