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Budweiser 8" Cup--6/13/20

1st Flight

1st Place--56--Herkelman, Huisenga, Schley

2nd Place--57--Team Ludvigsen

3rd Place--58--Team Klahn

2nd Flight

1st Place--61--Team Lakin

2nd Place--63--Team Greve

3rd Place--63--Koehler

3rd Flight

1st Place--66--Team Blumer

2nd Place--67--Team Gentry

3rd Place--67--Team Stahl

4th Flight

1st Place--71--Team Kraft

2nd Place--72--Team Hintermeister

3rd Place--74--Team W Johnson I

Pin Event Winners

#4 Closest To Pin--Tyler Hillebrand

#8 Closest To Pin--Kevin Kusch

#9 Longest Putt--Matt Gentry

#13 Closest To Pin--Leah Garcia

#16 Closest To Pin--Dick Crow

#18 Longest Putt--Matt Blumer

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